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Flakka Zombie Drug

Flakka Zombie Drug

Title : Flakka Zombie Drug
Release : 2023
Rating : 0
Language : English
Runtime : 86
Genre : Horror,Mystery,Sci-Fi
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In the aftermath of her husband's mysterious murder by his mistress, the shattered widow seeking solace and a fresh start, decides to uproot her life and move back to her deceased parents home in Las Vegas with her young daughter. Unbeknownst to Emily, amidst her late husband's belongings is an experimental drug formula with samples. Her husband, once a brilliant chemist working for a secretive pharmaceutical lab, had been working on a revolutionary drug that could potentially be the link to immortality. Upon arrival into their new home, Woman meet their enigmatic neighbor who seems to have a mysterious aura about him. Thomas takes a keen interest in Emily's situation, offering his support and assistance as she tries to rebuild her life. Meanwhile, in the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas, a small-time thief and opportunist, takes an opportunity to to rob the new arrivals. Emboldened by his discovery he hatches a plan to secretly distribute the drug at an upcoming high school party. As the party unfolds, chaos descends upon the revelers as they unwittingly consume the drug. A terrifying transformation occurs, turning the once lively gathering into a nightmarish scene of zombie-like creatures, plagued by uncontrollable aggression and hunger. Amidst the mayhem, Ricky manages to escape the zombified premises, leaving behind a trail of death and destruction. In the aftermath of the incident, as the City of Las Vegas, tries to manage the fallout, it becomes apparent that their are larger players involved. When the Woman is questioned and she has no idea about the newly named "Drug Z", the investigation switches to the neighbor. Which is another dead-end as he is found dead in the desert with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Is this the Zombie Apocalypse, or is there a larger plan at the center of the chaos?

Director :
Writer :

C.W. Jonson

Actors :
Jess Sylvia Jess Sylvia , Brenna Daly Brenna Daly , Mikey Anthony O'Brien Mikey Anthony O'Brien