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Singh Is King

Singh Is King

Title : Singh Is King
Release : 2008
Rating : 5.7
Language : Hindi, Punjabi
Runtime : 135
Genre : Action,Comedy,Crime,Drama,Romance
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Happy Singh lives in a small village in Punjab. He is always compassionate and helpful, but often ends up causing more damage, so much so that the Village Panchayat unites to reprimand him. When the community gets news that one of their residents, Lakhanpal Singh, is an underworld don in Australia, they decide to delegate someone to counsel him. The villagers choose Happy so they can get rid of him. Happy's ticket and other costs are paid for, and the Panchayat even asks a reluctant Rangeela to accompany him. Due to a mix-up, both end up in Egypt, leading to romance in Happy's life when he meets Sonia, a criminologist who would prefer to have criminals killed than reform them. Both friends find their way to Australia, where they locate Lakhanpal, who humiliates them and asks them to leave. Both befriend a boutique owner and live in her house. When rival goons attack Lakhanpal, Happy rescues him and gets him hospitalized. Lakhanpal recovers, but is paralyzed. His goons comically misunderstand that he wants Happy to be Don, and he undergoes a transformation and moves in to live a wealthy lifestyle in Lakhanpal's mansion. When the boutique owner's daughter returns home with her fiancé Punit, Happy plans a charade to make her believe that the mansion belongs to him. Happy's life soon turns upside-down to be none other than Sonia herself. Being aware of Sonia's dislike for criminals, he has no option but to plan a lavish wedding for her, while rival gangsters and even some of Lakhanpal's goons plan to get rid of him.—rAjOo ([email protected])

Director :
Writer :

Anees Bazmee, Vipul Binjola, Suresh Nair

Actors :
Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar , Katrina Kaif Katrina Kaif , Om Puri Om Puri