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The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon

Title : The Honeymoon
Release : 2023
Rating : 8.9
Language : English
Runtime : 0
Genre : Adventure,Comedy
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Three best friends Kat, Noks, and Lu; have seen each other through thick and thin since high school. Now in their mid-30's they unknowingly grew apart, with their lives thriving in different directions.Kat (Kajal Bagwandeen) a talented fashion designer, is the powerhouse behind her fiance's fashion house. Too scared to step into her own, she remains in his shadow waiting for her happy ever after. Noks (Tumi Morake) former soap star, now rejected by Casting Directors and Producers due to her hot temper, can no longer bag any acting work she's turned to social media. While Lu (Minnie Dlamini) a happily married mother whose husbands Andile (Nay Maps) overly cautious ways are beginning to suffocate her adventurous spirit.The night before Kat's wedding, her fiance Vivvan (Tasveer Maharaj) tells her he's moving to Italy and cannot marry her, throwing Kat's personal and professional life into spectacular turmoil. Noks and Lu rally together and persuade Kat not to waste her Honeymoon and rather use it as a girl's trip. Shortly after arriving, the girls immediately switch into party mode.Each with a hidden agenda, and without meaning to, end up going their separate ways. Noks is desperately trying to reach 1 million social media followers so she can get a movie role, jumps from one outrageous party to the next; while Lu sees this as her chance to cut loose and have an adventure; leaving a heartbroken Kat alone and desperately trying to convince Vivaan to take her back.Kat confronts the girls about neglecting her and their friendship - Noks and Lu vow to spend the rest of their trip together, but; the more time they spend together the more trouble they find, as they navigate their way through Zanzibar. What was meant to be a holiday away from their problems, soon turns to a holiday into their problems. The girls call each other out on the secrets they've kept and the lies they've told themselves and each other. The blow-up ends with a break up forcing the trio return home.Broken apart and not talking - can they mend their friendship or walk away

Director :
Writer :

Naomi Beaty, Jolyon Ellis, Bianca Isaac

Actors :
Kajal Bagwandeen Kajal Bagwandeen , Tumi Morake Tumi Morake , Minnie Dlamini Minnie Dlamini