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Title : Ravanasura
Release : 2023
Rating : 5.6
Language : Telugu
Runtime : 141
Genre : Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller
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The plot follows Vijay Talwar, who is initially stopped by the police at a checkpoint and pops a balloon that a young boy is selling. Later, he goes to meet Jayaprakash, the FDA chairman, for a drink, murders him, and is subsequently arrested for the crime when he wakes in a deserted place.Ravindra is a junior lawyer working under his ex-girlfriend Kanaka Mahalakshmi, who mostly goofs up the cases. He is also friends with Srikanth, Kanaka Mahalakshm's husband. One day, Harika Talwar, Vijay's daughter and R&D head of Syncox Pharma, asks Ravindra to prove her father's innocence. Ravindra investigates the case and finds that there is no concrete evidence against Vijay Talwar such as DNA samples from the crime scene that match Vijay Talwar. He does this to impress Harika as he fell for her at first sight and he convinces the prosecutor of the same.However, ACP Hanumanth Rao, who is retiring soon, is asked to lead the investigation into the Jayaprakash murder and suspects that Vijay is being framed. His team finds a similar case involving a celebrity's murder. Hanumanth goes to the goon Goli Pahelwan and asks to describe what had happened during the murder night of that celebrity. Goli Pahelwan's brother tells what has happened, and coincidentally, it is similar to the murder case they are investigating. Goli Pahelwan says a man came to their house and took the face and body measurements for a statue at Madan Tussade's. They discover that it's Saketh and track him down to his house. When Hanumanth tries to arrest him, Goli Pahelwan comes and saves Saketh. They both drive away and go to kill DIG Narasimha Murthy. They both reach the same house, and then it is revealed that Ravindra is wearing a mask of Goli Pahelwan and commits the murders. ACP Hanumanth Rao finds out that Ravindra is responsible for the murders and for framing Vijay Talwar.Ravindra meets Saketh during a case and is interested in the prosthetic faces. Ravindra befriends Saketh and one day kidnaps his girlfriend Jaanu to blackmail Saketh for making him prosthetic faces.One day Jaanu tries to flee from the Ravindra but is met with the accident and is injured. She wakes up in the hospital, where she tries to get help from doctor's and other people but to no avail. Suspicious of this Dr Dinesh informs Hanumanth that Ravindra is closely guarding a girl. Hanumanth comes to know that Saketh is making the prosthetic faces for Ravindra as he is being blackmailed. Saketh calls and informs Hanumanth that Ravindra with the face of Dinesh is coming to kill you, but instead Dinesh is killed and Ravindra escapes. Saketh is asked to make a prosthetic face of Srikanth, Kanaka Mahalakshmi's husband. Ravindra uses this face to go to Harika's house, rape's and murders her. Next day Cops comes and arrest Srikanth, but pleads that he was at a friends party. Disgusted by Ravindra actions, Saketh tries to escape and free his girlfriend, but is caught by Ravindra.Ravi reveals the motive behind the murders to Hanumanth, that his father had suffered from an ailment, where he met Dr. Shanti who was treating his father and she finds that Syncox Pharma had been in ties with the medical mafia and their diabetic drug causes dementia in people and were involved in unethical human trials. Being the masterminds behind the human trails, Harika, Home Minister Mudi Reddy and Vijay Talwar, takes the help of Shekar, Narasimha Murthy and the two goons to finish Dr. Shanthi to cover their tracks. Enraged, Ravindra begun to target those responsible for Shanti's death. Realizing this, Saketh agrees to help Ravi in his mission.Saketh goes to Home Minister asks for his help to free his girlfriend. Home Minister asks Saketh to make a face similar to Ravindra, which he intends to use to kill CM using his henchmen Devaraju.Ravi later finally kills Mudi Reddy at a political gathering and places the blame on Mudi Reddy's henchmen Devaraju and closes the case. After this, Ravi lives happily with his girlfriend-turned-wife Keerthana.

Director :
Writer :

Srikanth Vissa

Actors :
Ravi Teja Ravi Teja , Jayaram Jayaram , Sushanth Sushanth