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From Me to You

From Me to You

Title : From Me to You
Release : 2010
Rating : 6.9
Language : Japanese
Runtime : 0
Genre : Drama,Romance
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Sawako Kuronuma is a young girl attending high school; all her life she has been shunned by other students because of her awkward, eerie presence. She reminds everyone of the character of Sadako from the horror movie "The Ring", and due to the similarity of her name she is stuck with the nickname "Sadako". It probably doesn't help that Sawako is so socially maladjusted that she seems to suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, but she is actually a very timid and caring person. She meets three other students who change her life, including her idol, Shota Kazehaya, an outgoing and happy boy who is everyone's favourite pal.

Director :
Writer :

Karuho Shiina, Rika Nezu, Naoto Kumazawa

Actors :
Mikako Tabe Mikako Tabe , Haruma Miura Haruma Miura , Misako Renbutsu Misako Renbutsu