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Pool Boy Nightmare

Pool Boy Nightmare

Title : Pool Boy Nightmare
Release : 2020
Rating : 4.9
Language : English
Runtime : 0
Genre : Drama,Romance,Thriller
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At a pool in the middle of the night, a blonde woman in a bathing suit calls someone and tells them that it is Over. Then she goes for a night swim and is killed with a pool net, and her body is taken out of the pool and thrown in a bathtub.A new blonde lady moves into the same house; her name is Gale. She is recently divorced, and her teenage daughter is unimpressed, except for the pool. The pool needs a little work, and thankfully, a college boy named Adam was the last owner's pool boy. He offers to clean the pool and tells her he "Clean up nice." Then he starts to clean the pool. Gale watches him while doing dishes, and he slowly takes his shirt off. He has a frat boy body. Gale isn't the only one into him. Becca comes home and melts all over him too. Becca immediately calls her friend and calls Adam "Prince Gorgeous."Adam, the pool boy, stops by to pick up some buckets. Tony (Gale's ex) shows up with his new girlfriend, Cindy. He is threatened by Adam being so frat boyish and hunky. Adam sticks around, fixes the TV, and then fixes Gale with a sensual massage. That is less massage and more having sex. The sex scene is inter cut with Becca telling her friend about her crush.Afterward, Gale makes it clear that the sex is a one time thing. Adam leaves angrily. Then he does push-ups while saying, "She used me" over and over. He continues cleaning the pool, of course, and Becca seductively tries to put on sunscreen. Then she throws him in the pool, and they play fight flirt like high schoolers and Gale catches them and kicks him out. She tells him to stay away from her daughter.Becca sneaks out and goes on a date with Adam against her mother's wishes. Becca isn't that slick because Gale sees the whole thing coming a mile away.On the date, Becca and Adam head to the carnival and then suggestively eats ice cream at a place where Becca's friend Jackie works. Jackie thinks it is weird that Adam is not on social media and tries to warn her friend. Since Becca is the worst, she ignores her friend's warning. When Becca comes home, Gale and her daughter argue. Then Becca is grounded, but she continues to have Adam over anyway. Gale catches them and fires Adam.Gale goes for a swim to clear her head and finds a rat in the drain. She calls a real pool man. He tells her that the pool hasn't been cleaned in a while and finds a tooth. Gale takes that tooth to the police station right away. The female detective takes the tooth and promises to look into it.Becca continues to date Adam, and they talk by a cliff. Meanwhile Jackie, on the instructions of Gale, Phones Becca to warn about Adam again, but the phone is picked up by Adam (Becca has gone to the washroom at that particular moment) who does not answer, and sends Jackie a message from Becca's phone asking Jackie to meet her at 11 p.m. When Jackie arrives, he pushes her into the now empty pool which breaks her leg. Following day, Adam leaves a bunch of flowers and balloons at Gale's work. She tries filing a restraining order, but detectives don't take her seriously. Gale manipulates Tony into talking to Adam. Tony roughs Adam up and tells him to stay away from Becca and Gale. Adam tells him no and begs him to hit him more and then goes inside and self beat up his body to make it look like Tony did it.Becca sides with Adam and tells her father that she will never forgive him for what he did to Adam, showing photos of self beat-up Adam. Becca storms off on a bicycle. Tony ends up in the ER after Adam puts bleach in his hot tub and burns his eyes and skin.With Becca's father, Tony, out of the way, Adam wants to go skinny dipping, and he makes out with her while talking about Gale. Becca realizes that Adam loves her mom, and he comes clean while in his underwear. He tells her that this is why he doesn't date younger girls. Becca pushes him in the pool and sees the text message Jackie sent and the reply Adam send her asking to meet at 11 p.m. Becca realizes that Adam is behind all those incidents and Adams admits to them which makes Becca run away. She goes straight to her friend Jackie's workplace (Ice cream parlor), and tells that Jackie was right about Adam. Adam follows her, and they call the police.The detective calls Gale and tells her that Adam has a criminal record, but it was expunged because he was a minor. He was suspected of killing his father. She also tells him they matched his fingerprints with ones near Tony's hot tub indicating he's the one who poured bleach in to the hot tub. She recommends that the mother and daughter check into a hotel. Becca demands to know if her mother had been sleeping with Adam. Gale admits to doing it, but just once.Meanwhile, Adam kills the pool cleaner and sneaks into the house. He grabs Becca while she is packing. Adam creeps behind Gale and surprises her. Startled, she slips on her own purse and falls down and gets unconscious hitting her head on the floor. She wakes up in a rose petals bed. Music plays, and it is creepy. Adam has set up a candlelit dinner and slow dances with a confused Gale. She asks him about killing the other blonde woman and his father. He admits to them in a weird way. Gale runs away from Adam and finds her daughter tied up in the pool as it fills up with water. Gale beats Adam with a pool skimmer and saves her daughter.Adam wakes up and bangs on all the windows and doors. The women try to escape out the front, but he has locked them in. They run upstairs, hide from him, and fill the bathtub. Then they trick him into running into the bathroom after spilling water on the floor. He rushes in, slips and falls into the now water-filled bathtub. Gale, holding a working hair-dryer threatens to electrocute him. The police take Adam away. Gale and Becca watch from the doorstep. (thanks to lifetime uncorked)

Director :
Writer :

Rolfe Kanefsky

Actors :
Jessica Morris Jessica Morris , Tanner Zagarino Tanner Zagarino , Ellie Darcey-Alden Ellie Darcey-Alden