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Carol of the Bells

Carol of the Bells

Title : Carol of the Bells
Release : 2022
Rating : 8.3
Language : Ukrainian
Runtime : 122
Genre : Drama,History
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Immortalised as one of the most scintillating and uplifting Christmas songs, 'Carol of the Bells' adapted from a popular and loved Ukrainian folk melody, came to represent the spirit of brotherhood and unity all over the world. The peaceful and neighbourly existence of three families, Polish, Ukrainian and Jewish, sharing a large house, musical evenings and merriment in the city of Stanislaviv in the years preceding and post war, is shattered. First in the Soviet occupation and the persecution of the Polish family, then, by the Nazi occupation of Ukraine, and the decimation of the Jewish family. Sacrificing their lives the Ukrainian family manage to save their neighbours' children and their own daughter. Death and loss come to these families, but the healing power and joy , and a promise that the Future Will Not be Cancelled which "Carol of the Bells' evokes will be everlasting.

Director :
Writer :

Oksana Prysiazhniuk

Actors :
Andrey Mostrenko Andrey Mostrenko , Janina Rudenska Janina Rudenska , Joanna Opozda Joanna Opozda