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Title : Kickback
Release : 2022
Rating : 8.8
Language : English
Runtime : 96
Genre : Documentary,Sport
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Only one sport rules the globe. Played in dirt streets, sun-baked fields, and under the glaring lights of colossal stadiums with roaring screams from thousands of unwavering fans. More powerful than politics, religion, and even the laws of the land- Football. But, what happens when powerful political leaders from around the world and the most beloved sport intersect? This is a story told through the lens of eccentric investigative journalist Andrew Jennings who pounded the pavement for over a decade to uncover the crime and corruption of FIFA's top officials- from mob- like activity involving bribery, corruption, and embezzlement to global human rights issues. This archival- based film provides a detailed account of one man's crusade to expose the unbelievable true story about the exploitation of power at the highest levels- all in anticipation of the upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the most controversial tournament location to date.

Director :
Writer :

Trish D Chetty

Actors :
Hassan Al-Thawadi Hassan Al-Thawadi , Phaedra Almajid Phaedra Almajid , Jens Sejer Andersen Jens Sejer Andersen