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In Merry Measure

In Merry Measure

Title : In Merry Measure
Release : 2022
Rating : 6.7
Language : English
Runtime : 84
Genre : Romance
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Long having been based in New York City, Darcy is considered in certain circles one of if not the finest pop vocalist of her generation. The problem for her is that that generation has long come and gone, her dwindling number of fans who only want to hear her most famous song from early in her career, Sugar Rush, instead of anything new. As such, she has been without either a record deal or representation for years, she self-plugging her latest demo of new material to record companies. As this Christmas season's "A Very Darcy Christmas" series of concerts seem not to be getting her any new recognition, she decides to accept her recently widowed sister Gretchen's offer to spend Christmas with her and her daughter Megan for the first time since she was a teenager in their hometown of Dayton OH, Gretchen who is still struggling with that loss, especially hard during the holidays. Attending McIntosh High, Gretchen and Darcy's alma mater, insecure Megan learns that she has not been accepted into this year's version of the school's Herald Angels - founded by Darcy - who compete in the Montgomery County high school caroling competition. Darcy discovers that Megan's teacher who didn't even let her finish the audition is her high school adversary Adam, who nonetheless can point to results in the Angels having won the competition six years running under his leadership. Believing that all Megan needs is some confidence in understanding from Gretchen that she can sing when she thinks no one is listening, Darcy, both for Megan and herself, decides to form her own caroling group of Megan and some of the other students Adam didn't accept to compete against Adam's group to represent McIntosh at the competition. In the process of necessarily spending time with Adam, Darcy will learn where her priorities lie between that music career, family, romance and the Angels.

Director :
Writer :

Russell Hainline

Actors :
Chris Carson Chris Carson , Alexander Jones Alexander Jones , Patti Murin Patti Murin