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Man in Red Bandana

Man in Red Bandana

Title : Man in Red Bandana
Release : 2017
Rating : 8.4
Language : English
Runtime : 85
Genre : Biography,Documentary,History
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On 9/11, American Airlines Flight 11 struck the North Tower between the 93rd and 98th floors ... 1,355 people died at or above the crash site. No one survived. United Airlines Flight 175 struck the South Tower 17 minutes later between floors 77 to 85 killing 599 people. Miraculously, 18 occupants of the South Tower at or above the crash site crossed the line of death and made it to safety below. This is the story of the one man, Welles Remy Crowther, responsible for saving many of these 18 survivors. Welles was a volunteer fireman as a high school student. He then attended Boston College and played lacrosse. After he graduated, he took a job at Sandler O'Neil & Partners, a Wall Street firm. He worked on the 104th floor of the South Tower. Welles was a fun-loving person who enjoyed giving more than receiving. Viewers will instantly like him. Welles' identity became known because his survivors described being saved by a man wearing a red bandana in a May 2002 New York Times Article. His mother, Alison Crowther, knew that this had to be her son. Welles always carried a red bandana. Two survivors (both of which were badly injured) positively ID'd Welles from photos and, then, met with the Crowthers. At this meeting, they were able to piece together the last hour of his life (his finest hour). She learned that Welles had found the one viable escape route and carried a woman on his shoulder from the 78th to the 61st floor while leading a group of others. Remarkably, he then went back up 17 flights to lead down yet another group. He was last seen going back up again. Welles went up when others went down. His body was recovered in March 2002. He had made it down to the lobby of the South Tower where he stayed to continue to help. Those who have heard the story have been inspired by Welles and have honored him in many ways. Some examples are New York City making him the first and only honorary fireman. Boston College holding an annual 5K red bandana run and skier Tyler Jewell (Welles' college friend) wearing a red bandana in his honor in the Olympics. Fascinatingly, people who never met Welles and have no connection to him have honored him and the red bandana in the form of poems, songs, murals, photographs, books, drawings and sermons. Mothers have even named their boys Welles after him. The film will contain these items leading to an inspiring and uplifting ending.

Director :
Writer :

Matthew J. Weiss

Actors :
Alison Crowther Alison Crowther , Jefferson Crowther Jefferson Crowther , Welles Remy Crowther Welles Remy Crowther