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Tiger Cage III

Tiger Cage III

Title : Tiger Cage III
Release : 1991
Rating : 5.5
Language : Cantonese
Runtime : 98
Genre : Action
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James and John are working in the Commercial Crime Bureau. Jointly they look into a case of which the suspect is an influential rich business man called Lee. James has a girl friend called Suki who is working for Wong, Lee's accountant. By first sight John has felt that Suki is an insidious opportunist. One night, in a party holding by Lee, John hears by chance the internal tips on a stock that Lee and his staff are talking about. John thus takes out all his saving and buy that stock. In the meantime, since Wong is murdered and James is also assaulted and seriously burnt, the case is closed under great pressure. On the other hand, the price of the stock which John has invested heavily slides. John is thus deeply depressed. Six months later, James has been much recovered under the care of two old men. At his time, Suki has climbed up to be a senior and important person in Wong's firm. Even Lee becomes a blocking stone in her eyes. Meanwhile, at their great surprise, James and John realized that one behind the scene is Suki. Hence, they decide to give both Lee and Suki a lesson. Confrontation and sacrifice thus become unavoidable.

Director :
Writer :

Wing-Fai Wong, Patrick Leung

Actors :
Man Cheung Man Cheung , Kwok Leung Cheung Kwok Leung Cheung , Michael Wong Michael Wong