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The Man of the Year

The Man of the Year

Title : The Man of the Year
Release : 2003
Rating : 7.1
Language : Portuguese
Runtime : 105
Genre : Action,Crime,Drama
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In Rio, Máiquel is without prospects. He's philosophical and low-key. When he loses a bet and must dye his hair blond, life changes: he finds new confidence, he asks Cledir, the hairdresser, on a date, and when he's teased by a local tough kid, he murders him. Instead of an arrest, Máiquel's a local hero; the cops look the other way. He and Cledir become lovers, his victim's girlfriend Érica, who's 15, insists that he protect her and moves into his small flat, and job offers come his way from a group of rich men who want to settle scores and get rid of local riff-raff. Where can this business go, and what about the triangle of Cledir, Érica and Máiquel? He just wants to be normal?

Director :
Writer :

Rubem Fonseca, Patrícia Melo

Actors :
Murilo Benício Murilo Benício , Cláudia Abreu Cláudia Abreu , Natália Lage Natália Lage