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The Legend of Gingko

The Legend of Gingko

Title : The Legend of Gingko
Release : 2000
Rating : 5.4
Language : Korean
Runtime : 117
Genre : Action,Adventure,Romance
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Long ago , somewhere in the lone Mongolian plain competed two tribes for dominance : the ' Volcanoes ' and the ' Hawks' . The leader of the 'Hawks ' manages to seduce the captain of the ' Volcanoes ' . If they include the child sacrifices from their alliance with the heavenly sword , this weapon will have mythological powers. This will struggle once and for all settled . But just before the offering of ' Vee ' the father manages to steal the child. Growing up in the Vulcaanstam is Hawk ' Vee ' in love with the Vulcanoe ' Dahn . But there may be a peaceful future ?

Director :
Writer :


Actors :
Sol Kyung-gu Sol Kyung-gu , Jin-shil Choi Jin-shil Choi , Yunjin Kim Yunjin Kim