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Fists of Fury 2

Fists of Fury 2

Title : Fists of Fury 2
Release : 1976
Rating : 6.1
Language : Mandarin
Runtime : 119
Genre : Action,Drama
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In the last Big Boss (A.K.A.:Fists Of Fury), Cheng Chao-On was arrested after killing Hsiao Mi, "The Big Boss". In this sequel, his brother, Cheng Chao-Chun (Lo Lieh), visits his brother in Thailand. He then finds a job as an ice factory worker at the same ice factory that his brother worked at. While the previous film never explained why Chao An promised never to fight again, it was actually due to the fact that their father was killed in a fight. However, the villain in this film is the man who was responsible for their father's death to begin with.

Director :
Writer :

Ge Kao, Ying Wong

Actors :
Lieh Lo Lieh Lo , Ping Wang Ping Wang , Michael Wai-Man Chan Michael Wai-Man Chan