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David Bowie: Out of This World

David Bowie: Out of This World

Title : David Bowie: Out of This World
Release : 2021
Rating : 0
Language : English
Runtime : 0
Genre : Documentary,Music
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Few artists marked the 20th century like David Bowie did. He was an astonishing and eclectic performer. A rock and roll revolution, that didn't belong in a box, and whose work brought a new dimension to the music scene and queer culture. Driven, fierce and always wanting to escape conformity. An outsider, a man from another planet. This show is about one of the greatest artists and rockstar of the 20th century. A visionary, an innovator, a provocateur. Extravagant, and controversial. He transcended music, fashion and art. His songs reached the top of the hits worldwide. A man who kept expending, exploring and evolving all his life inspiring and teaching generations of musicians about blending different styles of music. He was a true artist in every sense of the word. Infinitely changeable and unpredictable, he remains immortal in the people's heart. Through his ever changing reinvention, Bowie has become a symbol for fearlessness, innovation and creativity. He has become a true icon. A Phenomena that people will always remember, as he altered music forever.

Director :
Writer :

Roxane Schlumberger

Actors :
David Bowie David Bowie , Lee Jagow Lee Jagow