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The Removals

The Removals

Title : The Removals
Release : 2016
Rating : 0
Language : English
Runtime : 63
Genre : Thriller
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A secretive, nefarious agency seeks to control the culture. They do this by covertly staging reproductions of everyday events, and by so doing, undermining the moment's originality and currency. Society is then left to puzzle over what might be real, and what is fake. The agency employs symbols-like the fascists, like imperial powers of the past-notably a red cone, to plant their flag upon the moment. Two agents, Kathryn and Mason, exhausted by the toll each removal has taken from them, quietly, and then overtly, set out to undermine the agency. Haunting, engaging, and with a ferocity of vision that calls to mind the cerebral thrillers of Shane Carruth, David Lynch, or Andrei Tarkovsky, Nicholas Rombes's directorial debut is a spellbinding new work and apt analogy for the wormhole where modern social communication leads. —Two Dollar Radio

Director :
Writer :

Nicholas Rombes

Actors :
Andrew Sensenig Andrew Sensenig , Milly Sanders Milly Sanders , Jeff Wood Jeff Wood