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Ladies of Steel

Ladies of Steel

Title : Ladies of Steel
Release : 2020
Rating : 6.3
Language : Finnish
Runtime : 92
Genre : Comedy,Drama
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Inkeri, 75, has hit her husband, Tapio, on the head with a frying pan and is planning to bury him in their garden after being belittled by him for almost 50 years. Suddenly, Inkeri realizes that she will be spending the rest of her life in prison. For a one last road trip, Inkeri takes her sisters Sylvi and Raili on a wild ride to Koli National Park. Their travel through Finland begins with a charming young hitchhiker, their car breaking down, and some sinful dancing in a restaurant. When Inkeri comes across her old university writings and finds Eino, a crush from her youth, she is reminded of her dreams that were later suppressed by a patriarchal marriage. But will Eino still remember Inkeri? Is he only madness and an illusion? Or will Inkeri become that same free woman she used to be, who desired a feminist revolution in the 70s? When Tapio appears alive, Inkeri has to make the biggest choice concerning the rest of her life, a choice between happiness and convention.

Director :
Writer :

Aleksi Bardy, Pamela Tola

Actors :
Leena Uotila Leena Uotila , Seela Sella Seela Sella , Saara Pakkasvirta Saara Pakkasvirta , Heikki Nousiainen Heikki Nousiainen