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13 Cameras

13 Cameras

Title : 13 Cameras
Release : 2015
Rating : 5.1
Language : English
Runtime : 87
Genre : Crime,Drama,Horror,Thriller
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Expecting their first child, newlyweds, Ryan and Claire, can't wait to settle in their new home, even though their unkempt and monosyllabic new landlord, Gerald, is a downright creepy recluse who lives nearby. However, what the unsuspecting couple don't realise, is that the taciturn overseer has already rigged their new nest with undetectable cameras and a closed-circuit surveillance system to watch their every move. Inevitably, as the repulsive Gerald keeps himself glued to his monitors to watch his private Big Brother show, no secrets are safe--including those between the couple. Is there a way to expose the slumlord's obsession?

Director :
Writer :

Victor Zarcoff

Actors :
Neville Archambault Neville Archambault , Sean Carrigan Sean Carrigan , PJ McCabe PJ McCabe , Brianne Moncrief Brianne Moncrief