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The Assignment

The Assignment

Title : The Assignment
Release : 1997
Rating : 6.9
Language : English, French, Spanish
Runtime : 119
Genre : Action,Crime,Thriller
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1986. In his civilian clothes while on shore leave in Jerusalem, Lieutenant Commander Annibal Ramirez of the US Navy is captured and interrogated by who he eventually learns is Mossad in a case of mistaken identity. Because of the resemblance, they believed him to be Carlos the Jackal, one of if not the most wanted and dangerous terrorist in the world. Shortly following, Henry Fields, using the alias Jack Shaw, he the Paris deputy chief of CIA counter-terrorism whose primary mission for at least the past ten years has been to get rid of Carlos in any way possible, tries to recruit Ramirez to work on a covert CIA-Mossad operation to stop Carlos' terrorist activities with the ultimate goal of Carlos' capture or death. The plan is for Ramirez to impersonate Carlos, in the process discrediting Carlos in the eyes of his current KGB backers, and thus effectively ending his career as a terrorist, with nowhere he can longer hide. After an initial reluctance on Ramirez's part, Shaw is able to ...

Director :
Writer :

Dan Gordon, Sabi H. Shabtai

Actors :
Aidan Quinn Aidan Quinn , Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland , Ben Kingsley Ben Kingsley , Claudia Ferri Claudia Ferri