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Wet Sand in August

Wet Sand in August

Title : Wet Sand in August
Release : 1971
Rating : 6.4
Language : Japanese
Runtime : 92
Genre : Action,Drama
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One summer morning, Kiyoshi (Shosuke Hirose) is racing on his bike down the beach. While there, a girl with her clothes torn up is thrown out from a green convertible. This is how he and Sanae (Teresa Noda) first meet. A little while later Sanae's sister comes to pay Kiyoshi a visit, falsely claiming that he participated in her sister's rape. When she shoves him into a car with intentions to hand him over to the police, Kiyoshi finally snaps.

Director :
Writer :

Toshiya Fujita, Motozo Mineo, Atsushi Yamatoya

Actors :
Masasuke Hirose Masasuke Hirose , Takenori Murano Takenori Murano , Naoto Nakazawa Naoto Nakazawa , Midori Fujita Midori Fujita