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Asylum Seekers

Asylum Seekers

Title : Asylum Seekers
Release : 2009
Rating : 4.8
Language : English
Runtime : 94
Genre : Comedy,Fantasy
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Work, family, relationships, deadlines, terrorism, information overload... When modern life is getting crazier and crazier, day by day, who wouldn't think about getting out? Leaving it all behind? Wouldn't that be the only sane response to this mad world? "Asylum Seekers" is about escapism, about feeling the pressure and deciding on a radical solution. Our six characters can't take their various stresses any more and are heading for the door marked EXIT. It leads to a deluxe, exclusive, luxuriously-appointed mental asylum, an adult funfair where they can let it all go and be waited on hand and foot for the rest of their carefree lives. Or so it seems... The first twist is that there are limited places. Only one free bed remains. The competition is on. And there are many other surprises lying in wait for the unwary, would-be-insane patient... The ride out of the world they know has only just begun!

Director :
Writer :

Rania Ajami (screenplay), Rania Ajami (story), Jake Pilikian (screenplay)

Actors :
Pepper Binkley Pepper Binkley , Bill Dawes Bill Dawes , Judith Hawking Judith Hawking , Daniel Irizarry Daniel Irizarry