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Enemy Within

Enemy Within

Title : Enemy Within
Release : 2016
Rating : 3.4
Language : English
Runtime : 100
Genre : Action,Romance,Thriller
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A sadomasochistic killer is out to murder a beautiful dancer called Concetta Masconi (Romina Di Lella) in Los Angeles. Amidst the Latino gang wars as seen on TV news Concetta tries to get her American dream come true. Her club owner Jack (Eric Roberts) seduces Concetta into a life way far from her expectation. According to him Concetta has to live a life under protection of his 2 street thugs. Solano (William McNamara), a LA detective investigates the attempted rape and finds himself on a wild goose chase. The DEA finds out that millions Dollars of drugs are missing from their warehouses of confiscated drugs. A good cop Nick (Damian Chapa) will find out to whom it is at all costs. He eventually begins to get closer to Concetta's case. Meanwhile wanting to get away from all the turmoil, Concetta falls in love with a hot Latino lover Max (Paulo Benedeti). She thinks she can finally get her life back. But she only finds out too late that he might be the one who wants to kill her... ...

Director :
Writer :

Damian Chapa

Actors :
Romina Di Lella Romina Di Lella , Eric Roberts Eric Roberts , William McNamara William McNamara , Damian Chapa Damian Chapa