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P.O.W. the Escape

P.O.W. the Escape

Title : P.O.W. the Escape
Release : 1986
Rating : 5.1
Language : English
Runtime : 90
Genre : Action,Adventure,Drama,War
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US Airborne colonel James Cooper accepts a daredevil mission to liberate just before the impending end of the Vietnamese war some POW's which the Vietcong refuses to exchange, from a camp that officially doesn't even exist. he alone survives the blowing up up his team's extraction helicopter and is captured himself. The Vietcong camp commander, captain Vinh, collected a small fortune in gold looted from POWs and wants to buy a new life in the US, so he offers Cooper freedom for help, but is turned down. Just before a convoy arrives to deport the prisoners to Hanoi, Cooper accepts if all Americans may come with them. An adventurous chase follows, fighting each-other as well as Vietcong, not to mention selfish rogue Sparks's tendency to mess everything up. Near the border, Cooper insists to come to the rescue of a trapped US unit's survivors.

Director :
Writer :

Malcolm Barbour, James Bruner, Avi Kleinberger, John Langley, Jeremy Lipp

Actors :
David Carradine David Carradine , Charles R. Floyd Charles R. Floyd , Mako Mako , Steve James Steve James