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Un minuto per pregare, un istante per morire

Un minuto per pregare, un istante per morire

Title : Un minuto per pregare, un istante per morire
Release : 1968
Rating : 6.5
Language : English
Runtime : 118
Genre : Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller,Western
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When outlaw Clay McCord learns the Governor of New Mexico has offered an amnesty to all who apply for it at the town of Tuscosa, he is intrigued but suspicious. He circles the vicinity, weighing the offer and encountering other outlaws, all the while troubled by occasional "spells" resembling the epileptic fits which plagued his father. Eventually McCord reaches Tuscosa where he clashes with the local marshal, Roy Colby. The Governor then arrives and tries to calm the situation, knowing that if McCord asks for amnesty, other outlaws will follow. Events lead to a shoot-out with McCord, Colby, and the Governor on one side while a band of outlaws comprise the other.

Director :
Writer :

Louis Garfinkle, Ugo Liberatore, Albert Band

Actors :
Alex Cord Alex Cord , Arthur Kennedy Arthur Kennedy , Robert Ryan Robert Ryan , Enzo Fiermonte Enzo Fiermonte